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LED Volume

Dive into the world of virtual production with the highest resolution LED volume in Canada. Built in partnership with ARRI, our LED volume features 1.9 pixel pitch, Arri lighting grid, Mo-Sys technology and ample power distribution, providing endless opportunities for creative professionals to turn their vision into reality.
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Arri Lighting Grid

With vast experience in building virtual production stages across the world, Arri provided a unique lighting solution for our LED volume. Instead of a traditional LED ceiling, our lighting grid features Arri Orbiters and Skypanels controlled by GrandMA3 and connected to Unreal Engine 5. Stay in control of mood and lighting like never before!

About Mo-Sys


Mo-Sys StarTracker determines the position of the camera with utmost precision, and instantly synchronises it with the LED volume. This ensures a smooth shooting process with no delay between movements in the real world and in the virtual one.

Cinematic XR Focus

Cinematic XR Focus provides an ability to pull focus away from real objects and towards virtual objects that appear to be positioned behind the LED volume. This gives filmmakers freedom to easily capture both, real and virtual objects.


Holding all pieces together is the VP Pro XR. It is a preconfigured, multi-node server system that allows filmmakers to work with virtual production using conventional shooting methods. The system integrates with Unreal Engine 5 and enables camera tracking, focus pull, and more.

Motion Control


Unleash your creativity to the fullest with our MRMC BoltX motion control robot. BoltX can be used both on and off tracks, and comes with our certified operators. Its movements can be synchronised with the virtual world by combining the use of Mo-Sys technology and Flair, MRMC’s premium motion control software.

Bolt Jr+

While more commonly used for shooting on location, Bolt Jr+ can be used to shoot on our LED volume stage. Just like BoltX, Bolt Jr+ can be used with and without tracks, and its movements are reflected in the virtual world for a smooth and synchronised shooting experience.

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What is so special about your LED Volume?

Well, everything really. It features 1.9 pixel pitch panels by Absen, making it the highest resolution LED volume in Canada. It also comes with ARRI lighting grid, with 9 Orbiters and 11 Skypanels controlled by GrandMA3 and connected to Unreal Engine. This provides much more control over lighting than a typical LED panel ceiling. We would mention more things that make our LED volume special, but you’ll likely get bored reading it all (unless you’re a nerd like us), so come by for a tour instead!

Do you create assets and environments in Unreal Engine for the LED Volume?

Absolutely, and they look amazing! We have an existing library of assets and environments, and our team of Unreal Engine developers can create any custom-built environment to bring your vision to life!

What is the rental rate for the LED Volume?

Can't wait to already try it? Well, that makes sense. Shoot us an email outlining the details of your project, and we'll provide a quote.

How does a typical LED Volume rental work?

We start off with understanding your project needs (production length, environments needed, crew size, etc). We then start preparing for the shoot, from assets and environments in Unreal Engine to stage props and equipment. You also need to provide "liability insurance" (this toy is very expensive, so we recommend to just be careful). Prior to the shoot, we always provide a "previsualization" of the project, and you have a prelight day to prepare for the actual shoot. On the day of the shoot, we let you do the magic, and our crew is there to assist you if needed.

What is included in LED Volume Stage rental?

The rental comes with full access to the LED Volume, ARRI LED lighting grid controlled by GrandMA3, and our Unreal Engine specialist along with our Virtual Production supervisor. On top of that, the entire studio is yours to use. From our cozy couches and a kitchen with an empty fridge (don't worry we'll fill it up before you come), to a cyclorama that you can use for gear set up, or to even shoot another scene. Note that any assets and environments for the LED Volume are not included in standard rental rate.

How high is the ceiling?

The ceiling is 20ft high.

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February 16, 2024

Had the pleasure of hosting a Bolt training session at SP Studios this past month. We had everyone hands on with the Bolt Jr to explore the possibilities with our motion-control cinebot. Thank you to all the talented directors and DPs for coming! #torontofilmmakers #moco #boltjr #boltx #spstudioscanada #toronto #motioncontrol #icvfxstudio #canadian #virtualproduction #dp #filmmaking #SPStudiosBTS #behindthescenes #cinebot

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February 8, 2024

Ronin Knights is an ambitious, action-packed project involving a highly choreographed fight scene that moves seamlessly throughout different times of day and also different universes. One in traditional Japan, the other in a Star Wars style universe. With only 2 days of shooting using Virtual Production, Motion control and VFX we made a fast, action packed short that utilizes the most advanced tech available for filmmaking right now. Starring: Aurélia Agel @aurelia_agel Emerson Wong @thewongnonly Director|Editor|VFX|Colour: Ray Xue @rayrayyxue DP: Conor McNeilly @r0n0c Unreal Engine Specialist: Parth Bhagat Ryan Lovelock @grimjogger Bolt Operator: Adam Shone @shoneadam Production Designer: Anthony Pace theanthonypace Art Director: Valentina Sutti @vale_sutti Photography: Benjamin Dunlop @Benjamin.dunlop Brittany Raymond @b_raymonda First AC: Danny Vorobeichik @dannyvoro Key Grip: Thomas Perche @perchmanov Mehran Jabbari @alphachannellabs Key Greens: Maryan Malanyuk @green.sets.inc Producers Javed Hydaralli @javedhydaralli Ray Xue Jordan Walker Vince De Vera @_vxndxv Hannah De Vries @Hannah._.devries Livvie De Vries @livvdevries.111 #roninknights #shortfilm #shorts #arritrinity2 #arri #moco #ledwall #toronto #filmmaking #virtualproduction #icvfxstudio #icvfxshowcase #cyclorama #boltjr #boltx #spstudioscanada #torontofilmmakers #motioncontrol #vfx #swords #swordfighting #stunts #lightsabers #action #martialarts #ronin #SPStudios

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February 7, 2024

TOMORROW! SP Studios presents “Ronin Knights” Directed by @rayrayyxue Starring @aurelia_agel @thewongnonly #roninknights #shortfilm #shorts #arritrinity2 #arri #moco #ledwall #toronto #filmmaking #virtualproduction #icvfxstudio #icvfxshowcase #cyclorama #boltjr #boltx #spstudioscanada #torontofilmmakers #motioncontrol #vfx #swords #swordfighting #stunts #lightsabers #action #martialarts #ronin #SPStudios

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