Bolt JR+ Compact High-Speed Rig

Are you looking to capture breathtaking videos that leave viewers in awe? Look no further! The Bolt Jr+ excels at capturing every detail, making it the perfect choice for shooting in smaller spaces or on location.
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Why Bolt JR+

Compact and lightweight, Bolt Jr+ takes just under an hour to set up, making it an ideal choice when it comes to shooting in smaller studio spaces and on location. But do not take the Junior lightly just because it is smaller. With an arm reach of 1.4 meters, it can reach up to 2.5 meters in height, and has an impressive camera speed of 8 meters per second.

Lighting Fast

When put on track, Bolt Jr+ can travel up to 3 meters per second, and does wonders when capturing moving objects. Just like its bigger brother Bolt X, the movements of Bolt Jr+ are programmed with MRMC’s motion control software, Flair. Light yet extremely powerful, Bolt Jr+ can help you bring your vision to life in places where Bolt X cannot.

Bolt JR+ Rentals

Unlike the Bolt X, Bolt Jr+ is available for both, in-studio rental as well as on location delivery. Afterall, shooting on location is one of its main purposes. Every rental comes with one of our certified operators, and our motion control assistant. Use Bolt JR+ to its fullest potential at one of our stages in the studio, or order it for delivery to your shooting location anywhere in Ontario.

Can’t wait to try it in your next shoot?

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Do you have Bolt JR+ operators?

Yes! We have 4 operators certified to work with Bolt JR+, and they're awesome guys! Every motion control rental includes one of our operators.

Is Bolt JR+ available for delivery?

Yes, and that's what makes it special. Unlike the Bolt X, Bolt JR+ is very compact and easy to set up. We are able to deliver it anywhere in Ontario with our grip truck, and its small size also makes it ideal for shooting in tight areas.

What is the difference between Bolt JR+ and Bolt X?

You can think of Bolt JR+ as a little brother to Bolt X. It is smaller and lighter, which makes it easier to set up and move around. It's a perfect choice for shooting on-location and in smaller spaces. Despite its size, Bolt JR+ is still incredibly fast, and just like Bolt X, it can be used both on and off tracks. Its movements are also programmed using Flair, MRMC's premier motion control software.

What is included in Bolt JR+ rental?

Every Bolt JR+ rental includes the cinebot itself, along with our certified operator for an additional cost. Tracks can also be provided on request. For on-location delivery, delivery fee also applies and varies depending on the location.

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