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Looking for a high-performance camera to bring your vision to life? Look no further - we have a wide selection of professional-grade cameras at your disposal!


Venice 2

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V-Raptor XL

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Flex 4K GS

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Alexa 35

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Cine HD Standard Legs




Lambda 50 + 3rd Axis

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Are you searching for a top-quality camera to bring your creative vision to life? Look no further than SP Studios. Our selection of professional, high-end cameras for rent is second to none. Whether you're working on a commercial, new Netflix show, or a music video, we have exactly what you need to capture the perfect shot.

Renting Cameras at SP Studios

At the moment, only Phantom Flex 4K GS is available for on location delivery across Ontario. Other cameras are only available for in-studio rental at SP Studios, and we provide some amazing package deals for them. Our team will always be there to help you set up the equipment, and answer any questions. Operators can also be provided when ordering Phantom Flex 4K GS, Bolt Jr+, or Trinity 2 & Artemis 2 for on location delivery.

Interested in using one of our cameras for your next shoot? Get in touch with us by clicking the button below. Let’s chat!
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Which cameras are available for delivery?

At the moment, only Phantom Flex 4K is available for delivery across Ontario, and all our other cameras are available for in-studio rental. The best way to know when other cameras become available for delivery is to sign up for our newsletter (no spam, we promise).

Do you have prep bays at the studio?

Yes, we have prep bays available at the studio, and we provide them for any camera rental.

Can we bring in our own cameras for the shoot?

Yes, you can bring any of your own equipment with you. We can also provide any additional gear (monitors, power, lenses, grip, etc) for your equipment if needed.

What camera support do you have available?

Dollies, grip, tripods, motion control, you name it. Have a look at our "grip" selection for more info.

What are your rental rates for cameras?

Eager to try them? Send us an email briefly outlining your production needs and we'll provide you with a quote. If you plan on renting multiple pieces of equipment, we'll throw in one of our package deals as well!

What if I break the camera?

We'll be very sad, and we don't like to be sad. This is why we require a liability insurance for every rental. We encourage you to be careful with the equipment, and to never hesitate and ask our team for help if needed.

Our Blog

November 25, 2023

Bolt X and Junior+ in action. #boltx #spstudiocanada #fightscene #filmworld #cinema #LEDwall #LEDwallincanada #torontofilmmakers #filmakersworld #motioncontrol

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November 19, 2023

Quick virtual production spec for our good friends at @oldflamebrewery Virtual production and Motion Control was used in the production.

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October 30, 2023

We had the honor of hosting the visionary director @imacdp in our studio and the result was nothing short of spectacular! 🌟 Gaffer: @jedi_gaurav Food Stylist: Jenny Sisko Colourist: @builtbylightcolour The team made use of the cyclorama, LED wall, bolt x, phantom flex4k, v raptor xl, probe lens and our kitchen studio. For inquiries on how to get access to these, contact #StudioMagic #DirectorAtWork #torontofilmstudios #filmworld #boltx #cyclorama #kitchenstudio #toronto

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