Kitchen Stage

Fully functional kitchen with Miele appliances, granite countertops and moveable island
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Ideal for Cooking

Whether you are shooting a food commercial or a cooking show, our kitchen stage is a perfect choice! Equipped with top-of-the-line Miele appliances, granite countertops and a moveable island, the kitchen is fully functional and can be used for all kinds of culinary wonders.

Motion Control

Looking for dynamic shots or slow-motion capture of your cooking skills? Get our Bolt Jr+ along with the kitchen stage! This rig easily fits on stage, takes almost no time to set up and can be controlled by one of our certified operators. It’s an ideal choice for shooting in smaller areas, and works great for cooking shots!

Floor plan

Kitchen stage is positioned right by our video village, and has plenty of space for camera and lighting set up, as well as for motion control robots. Have a look at our floor plan for more details.
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Can I use the Kitchen Stage to cook?

Of course, it's a kitchen after all! Our Kitchen Stage is fully operational and equipped with top-of-the line appliances. We made sure you have everything you'd ever need to create culinary magic (and hopefully share a bite with us).

Can we change the look of the Kitchen Stage?

The island is movable, and we can fully customize the kitchen with props if needed. Kitchen colour and appliances cannot be changed.

Can Bolt Jr+ be used in the Kitchen Stage?

Yes, and it would make for some spectacular shots! It can be used both with and without tracks.

What is included in the Kitchen Stage rental?

Kitchen Stage rental gives you full access to the stage. It does not include any gear and equipment (but we do provide great packages for camera, grip, lighting and motion control). Our team will also be there to assist with the set up, and to try some of the awesome food you plan on making.

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November 25, 2023

Bolt X and Junior+ in action. #boltx #spstudiocanada #fightscene #filmworld #cinema #LEDwall #LEDwallincanada #torontofilmmakers #filmakersworld #motioncontrol

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November 19, 2023

Quick virtual production spec for our good friends at @oldflamebrewery Virtual production and Motion Control was used in the production.

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October 30, 2023

We had the honor of hosting the visionary director @imacdp in our studio and the result was nothing short of spectacular! 🌟 Gaffer: @jedi_gaurav Food Stylist: Jenny Sisko Colourist: @builtbylightcolour The team made use of the cyclorama, LED wall, bolt x, phantom flex4k, v raptor xl, probe lens and our kitchen studio. For inquiries on how to get access to these, contact #StudioMagic #DirectorAtWork #torontofilmstudios #filmworld #boltx #cyclorama #kitchenstudio #toronto

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